Short Story Review: Intuition by Jayne Fordham

"Canan Jones turns twenty-five and wants nothing more than to bury his painful past and enjoy his birthday celebrations. But when Canan receives an intimidating phone call from a man who knows his secret demanding he work for an underground government agency in Sydney, Canan fears his skill will be exploited. Canan has the ability to tune into the emotions of other people and his skill increases in strength daily. 

Initially refusing to accept the job offer, Canan realises it may be the only chance he has to obtain answers to his past. To what lengths will Canan go to to piece together the fragments of his traumatic childhood?"

A brilliant short story which can be read either stand-alone or as a prequel to Jayne Fordham's latest book, Intuition.

This story introduces us to Canan Jones who has the unique gift of being able to tune into other people's emotions. Whilst enjoying his 25th birthday celebrations, he receives a telephone call from a person who has contacted him in the past with regard to his "gift" and requesting that he join a team whose members have similar skills to him.

Searching for answers from his own haunted past, Canan finally accepts the job offer and makes his way to Sydney, where he meets the members of his new team.

Fantastically written, this is a short story that will grab at your emotions and leave you begging for more.

This e-book can currently be downloaded for free at Smashwords.


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