Mustering Policy

I choose books for review based on what I think I would enjoy and prefer mostly: General Fiction, Womens' Fiction / Chick Lit, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Psychological Thriller / Suspense, Murder & Mystery, Crime, Police Procedural and Humour.

I may also consider Paranormal if it relates to psychic abilities/ESP/foresight, but won't consider any related to Horror, Science-Fiction and Non-Fiction.

Please note that I will not accept requests for reviews of books in the following genres or with the following dominant themes: Christian, Religion, Political, Celebrity, Fashion, Poetry, Sports and Travel but will accept Historical, depending on the theme.

My reviews include the cover image linked back to the publisher's website along with a short author bio.

Should I accept your book for review, that review will be based on my personal opinion and I will endeavour to be honest, though considerate in my assessments.

If I do not enjoy your book but manage to complete it, I will attempt to give a very brief review on Goodreads, but will not publish that review to this site.

In the event that I don’t complete a book because it is too difficult to get into or simply about a subject that I’m not particularly interested in, I will not publish a review, but merely place it on my Goodreads or The Reading Room "read shelf" with a short note indicating why I couldn’t finish it.

In saying that, I value all authors who give up their time to follow their dreams and write fiction, giving us a lot of themselves, and do not give negative reviews.  If your novel earns less than 3 stars from me, it will not be reviewed.

All my reviews are posted here as well as The Reading Room and more often than not on Goodreads.  A link to the review will also be posted to  my Facebook Page which is at

I do prefer to receive hard copies of all books and my thanks goes to the publishers who provide me with these, but I will accept e-books if absolutely necessary.  Kindly note for postage purposes that I am located in Australia.

If I agree to review a book it can take some time to appear on my blog, so please be patient and bear in mind that whilst I am a reviewer and love being able to share my thoughts with the reading community, I am also a full-time working wife to my wonderful husband and mother to my two beautiful children, whose everyday needs are required to be met.

If you would like me to consider your work, please contact me by e-mail at  An excerpt would also be appreciated in order for me to determine whether it is a book I would enjoy.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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