Saturday Sneak-Peek: Rachael's Gift by Alexandra Cameron

One of the books that recently landed on my doorstep was Rachael's Gift by Alexandra Cameron, due for release by Pan Macmillan Australia on the 1st September.

Just the stunning cover of a girl's face on canvas left me spellbound and I didn't want to stop touching it because it looked so real.

"Rachael is a child prodigy, a talented artist whose maturity and eloquence is far beyond her fourteen years. She's also energetic, charming and beautiful, beguiling everyone around her. To her mother, Camille, she is perfect. But perfection requires work, as Camille knows all too well.

For Rachael has another extraordinary gift: a murky one that rears its head from time to time, threatening to unbalance all the family has been working towards. When Rachael accuses her art teacher of sexual misconduct, Camille and Rachael's father, Wolfe, are drawn into a complex web of secrets and lies that pits husband against wife, and has the power to destroy all of their lives.

Set in the contrasting worlds of Australia and Paris, Rachael's Gift is a mystery story of the heart, about a mother's uncompromising love for her daughter, and a father's quest for the truth."

As per their tweet to me in response to my thanks, Pan Macmillan have assured me that I will be "in for a treat - Rachael's gift is magnificent".

"What would you do if you suspected your child was a gifted liar?"

In the tradition of We Need To Talk About Kevin, Gone Girl and The Slap, Rachael's Gift is an explosive debut novel from a dazzling new talent.

Alex Cameron has spent years traversing the globe, living in between her hometown of Sydney and London, via Paris and Provence, before settling down in London with her husband and young son. Her BA in Film and French, and a background in film and TV production / development helped as research for the novel. As a freelance writer, she studied novel-writing at City University in London and was mentored by author Jill Dawson.

If you'd like to know more about Alexandra, and her upcoming debut, you can visit her website, like her Facebook page or Tweet with her on Twitter.


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