Guest Post: What Inspired Me to Create a Psychic Heroine by Lizzy Chandler

In celebration of the publication of Lizzy Chandler's debut novel, Snowy River Man (which was released yesterday), Lizzy has kindly offered to give us some insight into why she chose to create a psychic heroine. Psychic abilities are something that has always intrigued me but it is also something I have lived with during my life as my own mother has psychic tendencies, in particular precognition. So, despite paranormal not being one of my chosen genres, I have no objection to reading those with characters that have these abilities and I can't wait to read this novel by Lizzy.

Lizzy Chandler has written a number of novels in different genres, including romance, suspense and fantasy. Snowy River Man is the first of her novels to be published. Lizzy is passionate about social justice and mental health, and loves stories that convey the healing power of love. She shares her time between her home on Sydney’s northern beaches and living in the Blue Mountains with her partner.

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Katrina Delaney isn’t an ordinary romance heroine. For one thing, she has psychic dreams. And she hates it. Hates it because it reminds her of the time she had a breakdown and ended up in a psychiatric ward, an event pivotal to the story. What Katrina, her mother and the doctors didn’t realise was her “breakdown” was part of the awakening of her psychic gift. This gift later helped her locate missing children – including the son of the hero, Jack Fairley, a wealthy mountains grazier.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve heard stories of psychic dreams. My nana had them. One morning, she woke up after dreaming of an old family friend who’d been missing for years. “I’ve been up in the Pilligar Scrub,” he told her. Nana was so convinced the dream was real, she tried to find the place on a map. Weeks later, the old friend turned up in my grandfather’s office in the city and announced where he’d been: the Pilligar Scrub! 

My dad also had psychic dreams. Sometimes it was just the answer to a problem he’d been working on. (He was a mechanic and would dream of what was wrong with an engine.) But other times…

When I was little, Dad used to take us kids to Mass and we’d fill the whole pew. (There were ten of us back then.) We made so much noise, fidgeting and squabbling, that the old priest told my father not to bring us unless he could make us behave. Dad never went back. Years later, we were holidaying up at Forster in a caravan park and Dad had a dream. “Keep taking the little ones to Mass,” he heard a voice say. Dad discovered later that was the night the old priest died.

I’ve had my share of psychic dreams, too, some to do with the writing of Snowy River Man. I’ll leave that for another time.

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About the Book

Their chance at love was lost in the harsh light of day. Is the romance of the majestic Snowy Mountains enough to heal the wounds of the past so that they get a second chance at a future?

The last time Katrina Delaney saw Jack Fairley was the morning after a one-night stand, when she discovered he was engaged to be married. Seven years later, she dreams of a missing boy – Jack’s son. Katrina has worked with police to find missing children before, and she knows she must help. But seeing Jack again comes with its own set of dangers, and Katrina fears the risks she is taking with her heart.

Jack Fairley’s standing in the community can’t keep his son from wandering off during a country rodeo. Frantic with worry, Jack is willing to do anything to find him, even put aside his scepticism and accept the help of a woman who sees his son in a dream. But when that woman turns out to be Katrina Delaney, he’s immediately suspicious. Neither Katrina nor Jack have any reason to trust each other, or the attraction that flares between them again. But trust they will have to, if they want any chance at love. 


  1. I love psychic characters. One of the first books with a psychic heroine I read was Dream Man, by Linda Howard. I read it straight through twice!

    1. Avril, they're my favourite kind of paranormal!

  2. Thanks for the opportunity, Marcia! I hope you enjoy the book.

  3. You're very welcome Lizzy. Can't wait to read it :)


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