Our Google Hangout with Jenn J McLeod in association with TheReadingRoom.com

It truly was a great pleasure to finally meet this wonderful debut author Jenn J McLeod to speak about her novel, House for All Seasons.

Special mention must surely go to Anna at TheReadingRoom.com and Leticia at Google+ for arranging and co-ordinating the Hangout - you both did a fabulous job.

Thanks too, to one of my fellow book bloggers, Shelleyrae@Book'd Out for being a great co-interviewer.


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    1. Thank you Shelleyrae and so were you - hopefully the first of many for us, but I think I held my breath the whole way through (lol). Jenn is such a fabulous person and wow, so easy to interview.

  2. Hey guys, the feeling is mtual. Suchj a nice change to 'talk' to people who we might otherwise only ever know as a profile pic. I think I'm hooked on hangouts now.

    1. Me too Jenn, me too. Lovely to hear your voice.


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