Australian Women Writer's Challenge 2015 - Sign-up

I’ve participated in the Australian Women Writers Challenge for the last two years, although, last year I did sign up a bit late, but thanks to Elizabeth Lhuede’s encouragement, I still managed to finish my challenge for the Franklin level – read 10 books, review at least 6.

As everyone knows, I am a huge supporter of Australian authors and I am looking forward to reading many fantastic Australian books in 2015, and this is the reason why I have signed up to, once again, complete the Franklin Level.

During 2014 I read more than 26 books written by Australian women writers, although not all of those were reviewed, due to time constraints and the fact that I am a full-time working mother and wife.

The Challenge is already open (running from the 1st January 2015 to 31st December 2015) so go on and join me and many other wonderful reviewers by signing up here.

You don’t need to have a blog to take part – just publish your reviews on Goodreads or at The Reading Room but don’t forget to link your review back to the Australian Women Writer's website here.

For more information on this fantastic initiative, please visit their home page at

You can also follow them on Twitter and use the tag #aww2015 in your Tweets.

Here's to a great year of reading!


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